How To Get Exclusive Access To All Things Killing Rapunzel

Do you want...

  • First hand encounters with a professional recording artist?

  • Family-level status with a growing touring band?

  • Personalized chats where real musicians show you trade secrets?

  • Premium and ULTRA exclusive merchandise access?

If you want to be involved with a famous band or artist, one of the easiest and fastest ways to start is to join someone who is already making headway on the road to fame.

Killing Rapunzel is on the forefront of something unprecedented. We want to give to our fans what only the most successful few can give. Access to everything we do on our way to the top of the charts. 

Where Do I Go To Get Access?

The Killing Rapunzel Forum is a new and exciting way for our fans to stay up to date with current events, receive exclusive offers and sign up for once in a lifetime opportunities. 

What are the benefits of these opportunities?

To list a few exciting ones...

  • Access to an exclusive message board where the fans are in control of the topics and can get real answers from verified pro musicians.

  • Buy tickets to never before seen Killing Rapunzel events, such as being in the studio with them LIVE as they record new material.

Recording Studio