How To Watch Killing Rapunzel In The Studio

Do You Want...

  • First hand encounters with a professional recording artist?

  • Family-level experience with a growing touring band?

  • The chance to learn recording artist trade secrets?

  • Access to PREMIUM and ULTRA exclusive merchandise?

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hang out with Killing Rapunzel in the studio?

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What Do I Do?

When you purchase your ticket you will…

  • Travel to the Rock Garden Studio in Green Bay, WI.

    • Jan 31st - Feb 2nd (Friday - Sunday).

    • Attend one of the days, or all three, your choice.

  • Watch and observe Killing Rapunzel LIVE as they record three new tracks.

10 Reasons To Be There

You will get to hear new music BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. You become the focus group.




You will see first hand how the band behaves in the studio: Most recording artists have a different process than they would for a LIVE performance.

You will see and understand more about the band's writing process than any other fan.

You will give the first feedback to the band on their new material. Your reaction could change the outcome of a song or part of one.

You will see how all the song elements are assembled during recording: Not everything in the studio sounds like it seems...

You will learn what equipment was used for the recording. Equipment changes very frequently and is usually a well kept secret.

You will understand how much time and energy goes into the recording of new material: There are countless "one-time" moments that can be very memorable

You will get several opportunities to ask questions and hang out with the band and their recording engineer.

You will get FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE in the recording industry: An essential step for anyone pursuing a career as a musician.

You will learn tricks and tips that will save TONS OF TIME AND MONEY when/if you decide to record professionally.

This opportunity with Killing Rapunzel has been broken down here to show you how much value you can get out of it.


Value of one hour of studio time: $75 x 12hrs  = $900

Value of a one hour show from Killing Rapunzel: $17 x 12hrs = $204

Value of a one hour Killing Rapunzel Meet & greet: $57 x 12hrs = $684


Value of seeing a professional artist record new material: PRICELESS


Value of witnessing and being part of Killing Rapunzel history: PRICELESS



But, of course we're not going to charge you that much. We've decided that because we love our fans, we want them to be able to do this with us.


So, we're charging a mere $97 to you to come watch Killing Rapunzel live in the studio for three days, over 12 hours total recording time.



That's a PRICELESS near $2000 value for only $97..........WOW

Tickets to attend the next live recording session Killing Rapunzel has are available on our merchandise page, or simply click the BIG GREEN BUTTON below to be redirected there.

What Is The Value?