Formed by Dakota Malinowski and Branden Johns in 2012, Killing Rapunzel is a hard rock band based in Wausau, Wisconsin. Together, the two realized that they have been given the tools, and shown the wisdom from the leaders of the past. They knew that they could show this new world how to rock their souls out. Killing Rapunzel has but one simple goal. That they as a band of brothers will lead a generation of kids, who feel as though they lost, or were held back from their dreams, to find a more successful and satisfying life alongside them. The only job this band wants is to show the upcoming generation that there is more to life than what they’ve been taught. The members of Killing Rapunzel only wish to be the teachers, the guides, and the leaders of this generation of lost dreams, because, one day, that generation will be the teachers, the guides, and the leaders of a future most unfathomable. So far along their timeline, Killing Rapunzel has played many shows across the Mid-West, many being festivals such The Price County Fair, and the annual Rock The 400 Block Party. Killing Rapunzel has also had the honor of opening up for national recording artists Smile Empty Soul, Powerman 5000, Doll Skin, 3 Pill Morning, ONE (The Only Tribute To Metallica), The Fuck Off And Dies, and WARRANT. Currently, Killing Rapunzel is a self-governing entity, they are signed by RIND Records and they record, mix and master their own music at E.R. Studio. They have released the three track EP, Here We Are, and the single, S&M. They keep their own books and file for their own claims and records, such as trademarking and copywriting applicable material. Though the leadership and guidance portrayed by the members of this group is accredited to many people throughout their lives, Killing Rapunzel takes great pride in taking part of the collective mindset of global touring artist, Tom Hess’, Music Career Mentoring Program, whose core values are to elaborate on the steps and necessary mindset needed to “become successful” in the music industry.Aside from being a growing business, Killing Rapunzel also strives to become a national and, eventually, global touring act. Percussionist, Emmitt Raczkowski joined in early 2015. Together bringing the roof down in venues all across the central Wisconsin area, Killing Rapunzel has their hearts set on showing the world that real rock and metal is long from dead.